Why do over 150 airport sites run Oracle applications?
Fluctuating passenger traffic. Global competition. Extensive safety and security mandates. Evolving air quality standards and ground handling requirements. Oracle's Solutions for Airports help you meet all your business challenges with a powerful combination of technology and comprehensive, preintegrated business applications, including key functionality specifically for airports.


Airports have a complex set of stakeholders: business and leisure passengers, airlines, government agencies, and on-the-ground partners.To keep customers happy and grow profitability, airports are constantly seeking new revenue streams through affinity businesses while keeping costs in check. Oracle's solution enables airports enhance service levels with differentiated services, improved customer service capabilities, and increased marketing and sales effectiveness.


Adopting asset management best practices enable you to reduce both costs and downtime while meeting strict regulatory mandates. Oracle's solution enables you to optimize aircraft utilization by decreasing maintenance and engineering costs, improving compliance with regulatory requirements, and reducing inventory costs. With Oracle Complex Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, you can maintain complex configurations, plan enterprisewide maintenance operations, optimize maintenance execution, and centrally manage engineering data. Manage spares with Oracle Demand Planning and Oracle Inventory Optimization. And manage construction, execute and administer leases, manage facilities, and optimize space utilization with Oracle Real Estate Management.


From buildings and warehouses to gate equipment, vehicles, and technical and security installations, you must optimize performance of your assets while lowering operating costs. Oracle Procurement, Oracle Enterprise Asset Management, and Oracle Inventory Management make maintenance to all business functions. Integrate sourcing and procurement. Enable supplier communication. Facilitate dangerous goods shipping. And ensure safety and compliance.


Oracle's solution enables airports to improve financial and personnel management by enabling accurate financial analysis and reporting with Oracle Financials, facilitating comprehensive workforce lifecycle management with Oracle Human Resources, and effectively managing decentralized mobile resources. Oracle Human Resources streamlines global HR functions from recruitment to retirement—and drives cost-savings through self-service. And Oracle Financials enforces a single, accurate view of all your financial data, so you can meet corporate governance initiatives and drive performance with real-time information.


According to Gartner research, businesses spend 80 percent of their IT staffing budget maintaining software and information systems. Oracle On Demand helps you reduce your IT costs to a predictable monthly fee by hosting your enterprise technology and applications in Oracle's state-of-the-art data center. Oracle's solution enables airports to leverage IT outsourcing to decrease costs, reduce complexity, increase scalability, availability, and security - and free up scarce resources to focus on value-added activities and innovation.