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The Value of Oracle CRM On Demand

By the Oracle OpenWorld Show Daily Staff

Using on-demand software enables companies of all sizes to focus more on their core business and less on supporting applications. This model is especially compelling for CRM, a space in which research and development has led to highly social, highly collaborative applications that are easy to integrate with other business applications. To learn more about the perks of using on-demand CRM, we spoke with Anthony Lye, Oracle senior vice president of CRM.

Staff: What's different about Oracle's on-demand solutions?

Lye: There are four things to remember, and they all start with the letter I. The first is industry: Unlike our competitors, we deliver CRM solutions tailored to vertical industries. With our on-premises and on-demand products, we support more than 22 specific verticals, including financial services, life sciences, communications, and public sector.

The second I is insight. We're the only software-as-a-service [SaaS] company today that includes a full data warehouse and analytical engine in every instance of its CRM on demand solution.

The third I is infrastructure. We provide customers with single-tenant SaaS, which [as opposed to multitenant SaaS systems, where companies share a database] affords our customers more flexibility and control. In a single-tenant environment, customers can configure both the upgrade windows and maintenance windows and utilize all of the CPU for certain activities and tasks that would not work well in a multitenant environment.

The fourth I is integration. We've spent a lot of time and effort prepackaging integration with other applications, such as Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Our customers tell us that because of this, they can integrate applications in about a 10th of the time, at a 10th of the overall cost of ownership.

Staff: How are our on–demand offerings innovative?

Lye: We've innovated in single tenancy. We've innovated in analytics and integration, and we've led the market in social CRM. We've built and deployed products that run on the iPhone and BlackBerry. We're offering major releases of Oracle CRM On Demand about twice a year and complementing those with semiannual minor upgrades. So our customers get innovation from Oracle four times a year.

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