Mobility Solutions for Oracle Applications


As organizations expand to reach global markets, the mobile workforce population continues to grow at a fast pace. Consequently, mobile business users are increasingly turning to smartphones and PDAs to give them broader access to enterprise information.

  • "IDC estimates that (the number of mobile workers) will reach 1 billion by 2010".1
  • "By year-end 2011, IDC expects nearly 75% of the U.S. workforce will be mobile."2
  • In a recent online survey conducted by InformationWeek "of 1,139 business technology professionals, 30% of smartphone users say they use their devices for enterprise connectivity, and 37% either occasionally or frequently leave their laptop at home in favour of their smartphones".3

Oracle is responding to the needs of the growing mobile workforce with solutions that are built specifically with these users in mind. Oracle understands the challenges faced by the mobile workforce for efficient means to access key real-time customer data prior to a customer meeting, to monitor key performance metrics such as bookings, revenue, spend and customer satisfaction on a constant basis, to perform certain day-to-day tasks without having to wait to return to the office, and to access insightful analytic reports when there are exception business conditions.

"Organizations are increasingly demanding anywhere, anytime applications to empower decision makers with mission critical information at their fingertips," said Oracle Senior Vice President of Application Development Ed Abbo. "Oracle continues to meet this demand with robust and powerful applications tailored to mobile devices."


1 Source: Enterprise Intelligence, May 2008
2 Source: The Recruiters Lounge, February 2008
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