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Listen to Oracle executives talk with customers, partners, and Oracle product experts, exploring topics that can help customers and prospects better understand the value of these products.


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Oracle On Demand

  • Oracle On Demand Turnkey Upgrade Service Play! (6 min.)
    August 18, 2009
    Oracle On Demand expert Nick Hall, will discuss how customers can migrate to Oracle On Demand; upgrade to R12; and get there faster, at lower cost, and with less risk
  • Oracle's Shared Services Model can Bring you Tremendous Savings Play! (11 min.)
    May 20, 2008
    Mike Gagas, Senior Director, Oracle On Demand Marketing explains how companies consolidate and streamline back office business processes with a shared services model. Numerous companies are achieving operational excellence using Oracle products and services to successfully deploy shared services. Oracle itself has saved over 2 billion dollars with shared services.


  • Increase productivity, accelerate work-to-cash cycles, and reduce overall firm and client risk with the new Oracle Legal Services Solutions! Play! (9 min.)
    July 22, 2009
    Law firms around the world are faced with increasing pressures to do business faster and more efficiently. Learn how firms can automate manual, paper-driven processes, ensure regulatory compliance, integrate systems and offices brought together by mergers and acquisitions, and take on new business quickly and efficiently. Understand how firms can automate manual tasks with Oracle's Whitehill One; get invoices out the door faster with Whitehill Enterprise; and can go green with Whitehill Pre-Bill. In this session, you will hear about Oracle's new legal services offerings that accelerate work-to-cash cycles, increase productivity, and reduce overall firm and client risk.


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