Moving Toward Green with Oracle Transportation Management

"Our new transportation management system is a cornerstone of our sustainability efforts. We are able to drive out empty miles and minimize fuel and emissions."
                              –Philippe Lambotte, Senior Vice President Customer Service and Logistics, Kraft

The transportation executive's traditional approach of maintaining tight control of costs while also delivering high levels of customer service has grown increasingly complex in recent years. The advent of environmental awareness has drawn attention, and in some cases scrutiny, to the fact that transportation, of all the supply chain disciplines, is a large, if not the largest contributor to environmental degradation. With this knowledge, today's transportation executives are facing increasing pressures and mandates to measure, manage and mitigate any excess transportation usage so environmental impacts are minimized. The bottom line; it's no longer enough to manage transportation without accounting for the environmental impacts of the methods used to achieve cost and service goals.

In keeping with these changes, Oracle has developed and enhanced their applications to deliver solutions that still deliver increased efficiencies while also optimizing and monitoring sustainable business goals and practices. With its suite of transportation, trade, and logistics applications, Oracle now offers a comprehensive tool set that features sustainability metrics that assure corporate goals are met while cost and service levels are managed.

Oracle uses three categorizes to help companies focus their sustainability discussions and programs. These categorizes and their general descriptions are:

  • Eco-efficiency—reducing environmental impact and cutting costs by increasing efficiencies in existing business operations
  • Eco-innovation—designing or redesigning products and processes to reduce costs and increase revenues while lowering their environmental impact
  • Eco-transparency—measuring and reporting on relevant environmental factors to drive ongoing process improvement, comply with regulatory directives, and minimize risk

Oracle Transportation Management supports all of these areas by creating more efficient transportation plans, innovating existing transportation practices, and measuring transportation performance in relation to cost, service, and sustainability goals.


As more and more companies establish and embrace sustainability initiatives in the area of transportation, it's clear there is a correlation between environmental and financial benefits. The more environmentally efficient the transportation function becomes, generally, the more cost efficient it also becomes. Some areas Oracle customers have seen positive results:

  • Consolidating orders using more flexible shipping and delivery windows
  • Reducing idle time with more efficient appointment scheduling
  • Decreasing empty miles using cooperative routes
  • Lowering total emissions by optimizing loaded miles driven
  • Eliminating shipments via more efficient load configurations


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