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Oracle Enterprise Asset Management

Oracle Enterprise Asset Management (Oracle eAM) supports sophisticated, condition-based maintenance strategies for property, plants, and public infrastructure. Oracle eAM's single-instance design ensures best practices and quality compliance globally, eliminates excess and obsolete spare parts inventories, promotes environmental, health and safety policies, smooths coordination of production and maintenance schedules, and improves both the responsiveness and accuracy of contracted maintenance.

Seamless Integration for Any Asset Domain or Service Process
Oracle eAM is part of the Oracle E-Business Suite, an integrated set of applications that automates business processes and delivers reliable information in one place. Whether you implement one module at a time, multiple modules, or the complete suite, Oracle E-Business Suite helps you make more informed decisions and improve business operations while controlling costs.


Integrated Workplace Management

  • Effectively measuring corporate and commercial real estate performance requires a single repository of portfolio planning, projects, leasing, space allocation, tenant services and facilities management information. Oracle eAM is a lynchpin of the integrated workplace incorporating visual navigation for space planning and allocation, multi-channel service request processing, building systems maintenance, and technology asset tracking.

Lean Maintenance and Quality Compliance

  • Overcapacity and low-cost competition press manufacturers to eliminate waste at every turn; but lean maintenance is hindered by the lack of standardized best practices and performance reporting. Multiple silos of information also lead to overstocking. Oracle eAM helps balance production throughput with overhead and ensures lean operations at every site, not just some sites.

Lifecycle Management

  • Monitoring and effectively controlling capital asset performance from specification and procurement, through construction, commissioning, and maintenance, to retirement is an elusive goal for governments and infrastructure companies. Oracle eAM improves return on capital assets by integrating physical with financial aspects and supporting deep collaboration between project lifecycle and service lifecycle operations.
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