Oracle Retail Corporate Administration

Oracle Retail Corporate Administration solutions allow you to streamline all back-office processes, including financial management, human resources, corporate operations, real estate, and performance management.

Oracle Retail Corporate Administration is part of the Oracle Retail family of applications.



Oracle applications deliver the information foundation and complete functionality you need to grow your information-driven business. With greater automation of routine tasks, your employees are free to focus on what really matters: growing revenues, increasing margins, and driving customer loyalty.

  • Automate and streamline your financial business processes and get a single accurate view of all your financial information so you can make more informed decisions, improve operations, and reduce costs.
  • Define and manage risks, controls, and business processes; manage audit processes, including findings, remediation, and issues; and quickly and confidently certify both business processes and financial statements.
  • Manage and simplify accounting tasks associated with fixed assets, including asset transfers, disposals, reclassifications, financial adjustments, and tax legacy data conversion.
  • Manage all areas of your real estate activities, including site selection, construction projects and remodels, lease and property management, facilities and fixtures maintenance, and asset disposition.
  • Formulate strategies for profitable growth, align strategies with operational plans, actively monitor day-to-day operations, and collaborate across the enterprise.
  • Automate the entire human resource recruit-to-retire process, so you can align your workforce with strategic objectives and get a single, accurate view of human resources-related activities, including recruiting, performance management, learning, compensation, and real time analytics.