Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management

Inventory management is a costly and time-consuming activity for any retail organization. Today's competitive retail environment requires real-time data communication between stores and the corporate office for store-level activities—including item look-up, stock counts, and transfers—in order to improve the quality of inventory information, in-store efficiency, and sell-through. Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management provides real-time, multi-channel access to centralized perpetual inventory for all channels. It can streamline in-store activities, improve merchandise management and productivity, reduce labor costs, support remote store processes, and manage store-level profit and loss. Using a high-speed internet connection and portable or handheld wireless devices, store managers and store personnel can now quickly and easily perform an array of in-store operations, including receiving merchandise, managing physical inventories, conducting stock counts, ordering merchandise, and transferring stock.


  • Streamlines management of store-labor expenses for reduced costs
  • Improves control of inventory management, for reduced carrying costs
  • Prevents stock-outs and overstock using in-store location level tracking
  • Helps "save the sale" by using real-time cross-store inventory access
  • Maximizes staff availability to customers for improved customer service and satisfaction
  • Streamlines in-store processes for increased efficiency
  • Minimizes the need for extensive staff training
  • Enables the performance of back-office business functions anywhere in the store
  • Facilitates the rapid delivery of merchandise to the sales floor, so that customers find the items they want
  • Allows the tracking of merchandise movement within the supply chain for improved visibility
  • Assists with maintaining accurate perpetual inventory with full inventory stock count capability