PeopleSoft Interaction Hub

Oracle's PeopleSoft Interaction Hub is a world-class portal solution—and more. PeopleSoft Interaction Hub is ideal for customers wishing to unify their PeopleSoft user experience and align the user experience with their business processes. This offers a richer experience not restricted by application boundaries. The PeopleSoft Interaction Hub is available as either a full licensed product, or for no charge as a Restricted Use License (with PeopleTools). Any customer, regardless of their PeopleSoft requirements, can benefit from the Interaction Hub. Numerous successful customers including many important companies, universities, and institutions use the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub to provide a web site-based experience for their PeopleSoft-centric business processes (particularly self-service).


  • Provides unsurpassed integration to PeopleSoft's applications. Provides content aggregation, federated search and notifications, seamless unified navigation across PeopleSoft applications.
  • Offers users a single point of entry to PeopleSoft with federated security.
  • Can be quickly configured to orchestrate PeopleSoft transactions across any and all applications. It is the best way to create a unified user experience.
  • Enables integrating external content and information with PeopleSoft applications.
  • Content management enables users to contribute to enterprise knowledge base.
  • Enables customers to produce uniform, enterprise-specific branding across the PeopleSoft cluster.



Check out the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub video.

See the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub page on PeopleSoft Info Portal.

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