Oracle Retail Value Chain Collaboration

Oracle Retail Value Chain Collaboration combines supply chain data visibility with the flexible exception identification and collaboration features needed for collaborative forecasting and replenishment. It is a highly flexible, Web-based planning engine that allows manufacturers and retailers to collaborate on turning demand forecasts into order and shipment plans.

Oracle Retail Value Chain Collaboration is part of Oracle Retail's Merchandise Planning, Merchandise Operations Management, and Supply Chain Planning and Execution solution groups.


Oracle Retail Value Chain Collaboration supports collaborative inventory management by giving visibility and planning responsibility to the buyer, the seller, or both. By collaborating, retailers and manufacturers can maximize their trading relationships for increased efficiency and mutual success.

  • Automatically map sales history, forecasts, inventory, orders and other supply and demand information into each organization's product and location hierarchies. Each company can work using its own product identifiers, calendars, and units of measure.
  • Project orders beyond the next delivery cycle, leading to dramatically lower inventory requirements to meet the given customer service level, as compared to reorder-point-driven replenishment systems.
  • Create exception rules through a point-and-click interface to highlight business issues such as out-of-stock conditions, excessive forecast error, or deviations in retailer/supplier plans.
  • Guide users through analysis and resolution of each exception or resolve them automatically if desired.
  • Flexible disaggregation (allocation) features support changes to plans at any level, which are reflected in trading partners' views and exported to enterprise systems.
  • Measure progress through built-in metrics calculations and reporting features.
  • An optional integrated online analytical processing (OLAP) module allows users to perform multi-dimensional analysis of demand and supply data, providing robust business intelligence for retailers and manufacturers to support demand planning, point-of-sale analysis, promotion analysis, scorecarding, benchmarking, ROI analysis, and other analytical tasks.
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