Oracle Active Retail Intelligence

Oracle Active Retail Intelligence provides proactive exception management that immediately identifies opportunities, recommends courses of action, and automates routine tasks. Driven by business rules that you determine, Oracle Active Retail Intelligence monitors business activities in real-time and alerts staff members to exceptions or the next business process. This reduces the amount of time spent identifying and solving routine supply-chain problems, letting you cut labor costs and focus on more strategic initiatives.

Working with the Oracle Retail Merchandising System, Oracle Active Retail Intelligence provides a tool-set for building rules-based exceptions against transaction and decision support systems. When an exception occurs, Oracle Active Retail Intelligence alerts users to the exception via the desktop, e-mail, text pager, voicemail, or fax. It can monitor user actions in response to the exception and can be set to trigger automatic fixes.

Oracle Active Retail Intelligence is a productivity-enhancing tool for retailers. It closes the loop between information and action, enabling you to have the right product in the right place and time—and at the right price and quantity.


  • Enhanced product-cycle management
  • Improved and proactive supply-chain management
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved uniformity of business operations