Oracle Retail Business Intelligence Accelerator

Oracle Retail Business Intelligence Accelerator enables retailers to rapidly implement a business intelligence initiative with an open, industry-standard, enterprise-scale data warehouse model that is adaptable to any market-leading point-of-sale technology. It includes embedded advanced analytics, using Oracle's OLAP and Data Mining technology, and a comprehensive set of reporting packages designed by industry experts.

Oracle Retail Business Intelligence Accelerator is part of Oracle's Retail Business Intelligence solution group.


Oracle Retail Business Intelligence Accelerator jumpstarts your business intelligence initiative in each phase of the project lifecycle, eliminating the deployment delays and expenses associated with built-from-scratch or proprietary data warehouse solutions.

  • Pre-built and pre-tested solution sets deliver relevant insights, are actionable, and aimed at improving both the top and bottom-line results.
  • Integrated technology components with strong retail expertise, KPIs, and metrics produce embedded insights in an intelligence framework.
  • The underlying infrastructure enables the business intelligence solution to be tailored to your specific needs.
  • Integrated scorecards within a business process framework and portal, which when combined with Oracle Collaboration technology, help sort through and interpret the data deluge and enforce a discipline across the enterprise.
  • Proven scalable and performing business intelligent platform that leveraging the power of Oracle Grid in an application cluster environment.