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Oracle Inventory Management

With Oracle Inventory Management you can improve inventory visibility, reduce inventory levels and control inventory operations. All of your material in each line of business and stage of the inventory lifecycle can be tracked in a single system. Increased transparency will reduce the need for local buffer stocks, and inventory will be located where it previously wasn’t known to exist.

Oracle Inventory Management is part of the Oracle Value Chain Execution solution and integrates seamlessly with other Supply Chain Management applications, including Oracle Warehouse Management, Oracle Mobile Supply Chain Applications, Oracle Order Management, Oracle Purchasing, Oracle Discrete Manufacturing, Oracle Process Manufacturing, and Oracle Cost Management.


  • Improve Inventory Visibility
    Oracle Inventory Management allows you to consolidate your disparate inventory tracking and control systems into a single, global inventory management solution for material in every stage of the product or production lifecycle as well as for your different business types. For manufacturers and distributors, this visibility is not limited to current state balances but also includes global track and trace information including inventory source and where-used analysis.
  • Reduce Inventory Levels
    Oracle Inventory Management gives you a variety of tools to reduce your inventory levels. The more accurate your inventory levels and efficient your replenishment, the less safety stock you need to hold. The more proactive your exception management, the more readily you can respond to shortages, quality issues and backorders before costly expediting is required.
  • Control Multi-Mode Inventory Operations
    Whether you are running manufacturing centers, distribution centers, service depots, spare parts warehouses or other types of parts storage facilities, Oracle Inventory Management provides the multi-mode inventory capability that helps you control all your inventory operations. Comprehensive material and transaction attributes capture gives inventory managers and operators flexible visibility into material aging, qualitative characteristics, material status, and material consigned from suppliers.


  • Mando Corporation achieved 99.9% Accuracy for Inventory Tracking
  • CPC Biocon improved inventory accounting accuracy from 75% to 99%
  • USANA Health Sciences improved inventory control by simplifying integration into warehouse management and creating a single inventory record
  • Privi Organics streamlined the management of the company’s discrete inventory, such as spare parts and tools used to maintain machinery, as well as items for capital projects