PeopleSoft Community Portal

Oracle's PeopleSoft Community Portal is a world class portal solution with many robust content and collaborative features. The PeopleSoft Community Portal is a limited use license application of the PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal and is ideal for customers wishing to deploy one to three communities around their PeopleSoft Enterprise business processes.

Community Portal is part of Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise applications.


The PeopleSoft Community Portal has unsurpassed integration to PeopleSoft's Enterprise applications. It can be quickly configured to orchestrate more than 10,000 PeopleSoft transactions. It is the perfect portal for creating web communities involving PeopleSoft business processes.

  • Use consistent menu, portal registry, and security infrastructures to easily blend business processes that cross PeopleSoft applications
  • Easily create business focused collaborative workspaces that integrate PeopleSoft applications with collaboration features from the portal
  • Context manager features put critical information—embedded analytics, related policy documents, related contact information, related discussions and more—where users need it most, right beside their PeopleSoft transaction
  • Collaborative workspaces, content management, discusssion forums, and instant messaging maximize the creative potential of your community
  • Use site management features to empower businesspeople to maintain their own portal community, while preserving a common look and feel defined by a central portal administrator
  • Improve the quantity, quality, and timeliness of community communication and thus the reputation of a community as a whole by empowering business-oriented community experts to publish portal community news articles
  • Weave together PeopleSoft and non-PeopleSoft applications and content using JSR 168- and WSRP-portlet standards, along with many other open integration features