Oracle Customer Needs Management

It all starts with an idea… But how do you capture that idea and make it into a great product?

With Oracle Customer Needs Management, you can quickly capture ideas from a variety of sources, store and organize them in a central location, bring in internal and external stakeholders to collaborate on ideas, and innovate faster to stay ahead of the competition.


Create the Right Product From the Start
Oracle Customer Needs Management allows you capture the voice of the market from a variety of information sources to organize and create new ideas. You can then take those ideas and refine them by collaborating securely with both internal and external stakeholders. Finally, you can use those refined ideas to prioritize the right features in every product release to truly reflect the voice of the market.

Innovate Faster Than the Competition
Oracle Customer Needs Management allows you to maximize innovation productivity by optimizing collaboration among all important members of your team. Its implicit integration with Agile PLM allows you to leverage existing designs, thereby accelerating new concept development. Lastly, with Oracle Customer Needs Management, you enable bottom-up innovation throughout the organization by allowing everyone to participate in the product innovation process, while simultaneously allowing top-down visibility by filtering only the most relevant information and details to the most senior level.

Realize a Complete Idea-To-Production Process
Oracle Customer Needs Management allows you to take unstructured input from sources like e-mails, spreadsheets, or analyst reports and translate them into a structured design. The data is made available throughout the innovation and new product development process to enable end-to-end traceability throughout the Product Lifecycle.

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