Managing Your Product Value Chain with Oracle

A New Approach

To manage growing product complexity and innovation challenges, product-focused applications such as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions are becoming staple IT investments. But as product information continues to span more and more functions inside the company and out, these implementations are not only expanding enterprise-wide; they are adding integrations, functionalities, and touch-points to serve new needs in a fully connected world. We call this progress the Product Value Chain, an integrated business model powered by Oracle that offers rich new strategies for executives to collectively leverage enterprise Agile PLM, Product Data Hub, Enterprise Data Quality for Products, and other industry leading Oracle applications to achieve further incremental value.


Managing the entire Product Value Chain with Oracle empowers business leaders with accurate information instantly to make the best decisions at any point, from any perspective, of a product's life cycle. Companies can evolve fragmented engineering and design processes into information-driven product value chains with best-in-class development processes and capabilities, global 360-degree visibility, and real-time collaboration. By integrating the solutions that manage the inherently connected product, demand and supply chains, companies can transform their engineering and R&D operations from siloed necessities to world-class, information and value-driven competitive advantages delivering on both innovation and operational excellence.



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