ATG Web Commerce

Oracle ATG Web Commerce personalizes the online buying experience with a comprehensive, highly scalable e-commerce platform and applications. Its flexible, component-based e-commerce software architecture enables you to easily implement best-in-class commerce sites.

Personalize the Customer Experience

Built on a foundation of proven capabilities, including personalization, business user control, cross-channel support, and a flexible platform, ATG Web Commerce boosts your cross-channel business growth. Advanced features help your customers quickly find desired products, learn about new offerings, comparison shop, register for gifts, preorder products, redeem coupons, and easily complete their purchases.


ATG Web Commerce enables you to deliver an engaging, consistent, and coordinated customer experience across all channels, including Web, contact center, mobile device, kiosk, or store. ATG Web Commerce helps you:

  • Increase revenue in all channels by tightly integrating them and maximizing the use of the Web for research, buying, and service
  • Generate a higher conversion of visitors to buyers, larger orders, more loyal customers, and repeat purchases
  • Closely monitor sales and visitor behavior and quickly respond to market conditions
  • Monitor the site and shopping cart for abandonment


  • B2B Module—build a world-class B2B e-commerce site with advanced online selling, merchandizing, personalization, and dynamic targeting capabilities
  • Adaptive Scenario Engine—choreograph customer interactions to drive pre-designed dialogues for a personalized customer experience
  • Unified Multisite Architecture—share commerce and personalization resources, including content and components, between e-commerce sites
  • Data Anywhere Architecture—accelerate integrations and minimize integration costs with this flexible architecture
  • ATG Commerce Reference Store—a customizable, pre-built storefront with the latest commerce best practices


Our latest release, Oracle ATG Web Commerce 10 provides a new merchandiser interface, promotions engine, template-driven promotions wizard, and multi-site management tools to help you leverage the latest mobile devices and social media to more effectively serve today's "anytime, anywhere" consumer.

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