AutoVue Integrations

This is the age of digital assets. Thousands of global companies are creating, editing, and managing millions of digital files every day. These important assets are created by different departments or geographically dispersed teams using an assortment of applications and are housed in a variety of enterprise systems. Unfortunately, the siloed and disconnected nature of these systems prevents information from flowing freely among them. This locks valuable data in a given system, greatly impacting an organization’s productivity, collaboration, and profitability.

AutoVue delivers the integration framework required to unlock asset and product information to all enterprise users. In doing so, AutoVue leverages an organization’s existing IT infrastructure and plugs into new and evolving environments as required. With AutoVue integrations, users get a complete, open and standards-based set of integration tools that allows them to have a consistent view of data and business objects, create powerful visual composite applications, and expand workflow automation to document-based processes.