2D Viewing features for AutoVue

AutoVue delivers a comprehensive 2D viewing solution. It supports the latest versions of major 2D CAD formats and boasts a variety of functions that allow users of all levels to easily open, view, interrogate and print complex CAD drawings, without requiring the authoring tools that were used to create them.


  • Support for the latest versions of major 2D CAD packages
  • Automatic file recognition, independent of the file extension
  • Zoom, pan, rotate, and enhance images
  • Customize views with the Pan and Zoom Window
  • Access CAD drawing information including entity's unique ID, placements, attributes


  • Precise measurements of 2D files using the snapping function, including distance, angle, area, and arc
  • Search for text through all files, including CAD files
  • Compare different versions of a drawing and see comparison results in different windows. Easily align and scale drawings in 2D compare mode.
  • Overlay drawings
  • Select layers, blocks, Xrefs, reference files, and named views
  • Extract engineering attributes, Block attributes as well as any entity XData (Extended Object Data) from AutoCAD


  • Print or plot to any supported printer or plotter
  • Print "selected area"
  • Print the displayed area, the extent of a drawing or select a scale
  • Print preview, see results before generating actual printout
  • Partial print preview, control the location and orientation of a print job before printing
  • Print page ranges, via dialog box or via command line option
  • Add headers, footers, and watermarks, select what to print: file name, date, time, etc.
  • Add graphical symbols
  • Batch print
  • Force to black
  • Print markup and markup notes along with documents
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