AutoVue 3D Digital Mockup

AutoVue delivers comprehensive 3D digital mockup capabilities that allow designers to create virtual prototypes of 3D models, and verify design integrity prior to manufacturing. 3D parts from multiple CAD systems can be imported and combined to create combined 3D views. Users can manipulate and interrogate the digital assembly as a single structure, and locate potential interference earlier in the product development process.

With its 3D digital mockup capabilities, AutoVue allows extended product development teams and outsourcing partners to efficiently collaborate on complete product assemblies, evaluating designs without relying on physical prototypes, and identifying potential issues earlier in the design process.

AutoVue's Digital Mockup Features and Capabilities:


  • Import and combine parts of various MCAD systems into combined 3D views; the intelligence and attribute data of the original files are preserved at all times.
  • Create user-defined views that allow users to record each stage of the mockup process and adding markups/redlines along the way.
  • Generate and export Bills of Material (BOMs) of the final assembly.
  • Create an audit trail: review an employee's work by re-tracing the steps taken to get to the final mockup.
  • Generate assembly instructions.
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