AutoVue 3D Walkthrough

Enhance Capital Projects and Facilities Operations with AutoVue 3D Walkthrough
Add value to 3D investments with AutoVues 3D Walkthrough capabilities. With 3D Walkthrough users can perform detailed reviews of facilities from within and explore buildings and structures in a more natural way, which can greatly expedite capital construction projects and enhance facility and maintenance operations.

While in walkthrough mode, users can look at the attribute data of the complete structure and also add markups and comments to specific areas of a building or facility, which subsequent reviewers can view in the appropriate context. For example, if spatial interference is discovered within the building structure users can easily notify project team members via digital comments, which are captured and stored as part of the projects audit trail. Similarly, during maintenance operations, repair activity can be captured and documented within the facility model, taking the guesswork out of repair activities for engineers and repair technicians.


  • Improve engineering and construction project reviews
  • Explore the reality of facilities and buildings before they are built
  • Identify potential design flaws and errors early by viewing internal building components, such as equipment, fixtures, and piping structures
  • Optimize facility maintenance operations
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