AutoVue EDA Professional

Extend The Reach of PCB Documents to All Enterprise Users

Oracle's AutoVue EDA Professional allows PCB designers and contract manufacturers to access, view, and securely collaborate on their PCB layouts and schematics. With support for major electronic design automation (EDA) packages, Microsoft Office, and PDF files, EDA organizations can boost collaboration without compromising valuable intellectual property, and enable effective end-to-end design to manufacturing processes.

  • AutoVue EDA Professional
  • AutoVue EDA Professional
  • AutoVue EDA Professional
  • AutoVue EDA Professional
Feature Benefit
View ECAD, Office, PDF, and graphic document file types, without the native software
  • Extend the reach of EDA layout and schematics beyond engineering to all enterprise users
  • Optimize decision making with improved visibility into key product information
  • Reduce IT costs by enabling access to all types of documents without requiring original authoring applications or undergoing costly document conversions
  • Simplify IT infrastructure by standardizing all document visualization requirements on a single solution
Digital annotation
  • Foster collaboration and enable extended teams to participate and contribute to the new product introduction/product development and manufacturing processes
  • Expedite document reviews and approvals, and streamline change management with in-context digital annotations
  • Capture an audit trail of decisions, changes, approvals
Real time collaboration
  • Facilitate collaboration and expedite issue resolution by enabling document-based real-time collaboration
  • Capture contributor feedback with color-coded digital annotations and chat
  • Minimize costly board spins by enabling early communication to identify and resolve design issues
Access Embedded Intelligence in PCB
  • Allows users without the native software to access intelligence by attribute querying for traces, nets, components, and geometry library objects
Cross Probe Between Schematic and PCB files
  • Facilitate design reviews and accelerate design verification
  • Easily identify net or component's location in a PCB layout by clicking on it in the PCB schematic and vice versa
  • Find all occurrences of a particular component or net and navigate between them
Access Entity Properties
  • Save time by accessing important entity information without having to drill down into an entity's details : entity properties are displayed instantly by hovering the mouse over a specific element of a schematic or PCB layout
Integrate Seamlessly
  • Can be fully integrated with enterprise applications like Product Lifecycle Management systems to render documents and annotations in the proper business context
  • Increase productivity with visual web services for printing, thumbnail generation, text extraction, etc
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