Electro-Mechanical Digital Mockup

AutoVue features unique Electro-Mechanical Digital Mockup (DMU) capabilities that allow designers to create virtual prototypes on-the-fly and project real-word manufacturability without the expense and time associated with conventional physical prototypes. Users can easily combine native 3D parts–from disparate 3D CAD systems–and EDA designs into a single digital assembly for analysis and review. AutoVue also provides the ability to generate 3D models of PCBs from EDA designs which can be imported into a digital mockup, and combined with other 3D parts in the same space.

Users can collaborate on a more complete structure, evaluating the relationship between components from different designers and detecting and solving manufacturing and assembly problems earlier in the design process. This powerful feature, unique to AutoVue, also helps to increase product quality, allowing engineering teams to investigate a greater number of design alternatives.

AutoVues Electro-Mechanical Digital Mockup Features and Capabilities:


  • Import and combine parts of various native 3D CAD and EDA designs to create virtual prototypes
  • Combine both mechanical and electronic parts to create a mockup that does not lose any of the intelligence and attribute data of the original files.
  • Perform interference checking to determine whether there is any spatial overlap or collision between parts in an assembly.
  • Create user-defined views that allow recording each stage of the mockup process and adding markups/redlines along the way.
  • Align parts precisely relative to each other by defining alignment constraints using only a few clicks of the mouse. Preview the part alignments before deciding to apply changes.
  • Generate and export Bills of Material (BOMs) of the final assembly.
  • Create an audit trail: review an employees work by re-tracing the steps taken to get to the final mockup.
  • Generate assembly instructions.
Note: Digital Mockup capabilities are only available in the following products: AutoVue 3D Professional Advanced (3D DMU), and AutoVue Electro-Mechanical Professional (electro-mechanical DMU).


Beyond 3D viewing capabilities, AutoVue delivers extended support for Product Manufacturing Information (PMI), such as Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) and Functional Tolerance Annotation (FTA). Manufacturing organizations can view and interact with important product design information during the manufacturing process. Suppliers, shop floor and manufacturing personnel, as well as quality and method engineering teams can instantly access, view, and review important product specifications, and ensure that products are being manufactured in compliance with design engineerings intent.

By unlocking Product Manufacturing Information to the people that need it most, AutoVue helps manufacturers:

  • Improve collaboration throughout the supply chain
  • Ensure suppliers and extended teams have accurate product specifications
  • Leverage 3D product information throughout the product lifecycle
  • Reduce time require to resolve design issues
  • Avoid design and fabrication errors caused by the misinterpretation of 2D data or paper documents
  • Reduce paper and document delivery costs
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