AutoVue Electro-Mechanical Professional

Bridge the Gap Between MCAD and EDA

Oracle's all encompassing enterprise visualization solution. With AutoVue Electro-Mechanical Professional, organizations can bridge the gap between MCAD and EDA, and extend the reach of product information to all enterprise users. By enhancing cross-functional and departmental interaction earlier in the product development cycle, organizations can achieve improved productivity, reduced errors, and accelerated time to market.

  • AutoVue Electro-Mechanical Professional
  • AutoVue Electro-Mechanical Professional
  • AutoVue Electro-Mechanical Professional
  • AutoVue Electro-Mechanical Professional
Feature Benefit
View hundreds of file types without the native software
  • Extend the reach of EDA, 3D and 2D product documents and information beyond engineering to all enterprise users
  • Optimize decision making through improved global cross-team, cross-discipline collaboration
  • Reduce IT costs by enabling access to all types of documents without requiring original authoring applications or undergoing costly document conversions
  • Simplify IT infrastructure by standardizing all document visualization requirements on a single solution
Digital annotation
  • Foster collaboration and enable extended teams to participate and contribute to the new product introduction/product development and manufacturing processes
  • Expedite document reviews and approvals and streamline change management with in-context digital annotations
  • Capture an audit trail of decisions, changes, approvals
Real time collaboration
  • Streamline supplier collaboration without jeopardizing critical Intellectual Property
  • Reduce lead time and expedite issue resolution by enabling document-based real-time collaboration
Support for Product Manufacturing Information (PMI), such as Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) and Functional Tolerance Annotation (FTA)
  • View and interact with important product design information during the manufacturing process
  • Ensure products are being manufactured in compliance with design engineering's intent
  • Reduce errors by ensuring suppliers and extended teams have access to accurate product specifications
Electro-Mechanical Digital Mockup
  • Import and combine 3D parts coming from multiple CAD systems and EDA designs in a single view
  • Expedite reviews of complex assemblies involving 3D and EDA elements
  • Unify the design process by enabling collaboration between mechanical and electronic teams
Access Embedded Intelligence in PCB
  • Allows users without the native software to access intelligence by attribute querying for traces, nets, components, and geometry library objects
Cross-Probe between a PCB Layout, its Related schematic, or 3D PCB
  • Facilitate design reviews and accelerate design verification
  • Easily identify net or component's location in a PCB layout by clicking on it in the PCB schematic and vice versa
  • Find all occurrences of a particular component or net and navigate between them
Access Entity Properties
  • Save time by accessing important entity information without having to drill down into an entity's details:entity properties are displayed instantly by hovering the mouse over a specific element of a schematic or PCB layout
Integrate Seamlessly
  • Can be fully integrated with content management systems and enterprise applications like Product Lifecycle Management solutions to render documents and annotations in the proper business context
  • Increase productivity with visual web services for printing, thumbnail generation, text extraction, etc
Augmented Business Visualization
  • Synthesize information coming from multiple sources in a single, visual and actionable environment
  • Provide complete visibility by dynamically surfacing business data from enterprise systems like Product Lifecycle Management and other enterprise systems in the context of documents
  • Trigger actions like the creation of engineering change requests directly from documents
  • Create color-coded visual reports from data in systems to display information like parts information, quality information, supplier information, etc.
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