AutoVue Integrations

Enable Visual Decision Making with Integrated Visual Solutions

With AutoVue's open, standards-based integration framework, users get a complete set of integration tools that allows them to create rich visual-decision making environments, delivering a consistent view of data and business objects, leveraging powerful visual composite applications, and expanding workflow automation to document-based processes.

  • AutoVue Integrations
Feature Benefit
AutoVue VueLink Integrations
VueLinks are Oracle developed pre-integrated solutions
  • Connect AutoVue to popular Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Content Management systems
VueLink integration serves as a "bridge" between AutoVue and the PLM or Content Management system
  • Securely stream documents from an enterprise system's repository to AutoVue for viewing, digital markup and real-time collaboration
  • Digital markups are saved back in the content repository and associated with the base file for easy tracking and traceability
AutoVue VueLink Integrations are available for Oracle WebCenter Content (formerly UCM) and EMC Documentum
  • Use readymade integrations to save IT time and cost
AutoVue Web Services
AutoVue Web Services supports integrations within a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework
  • Through Web Services, organizations can ensure a consistent, flexible, and repeatable approach for augmenting existing business applications with enterprise visualization services, creating visual composite applications and taking workflow automation one step further
AutoVue provides a comprehensive set of Web Services capabilities
  • Customers can leverage the power of AutoVue, in whole or in part, and capitalize on functions like the ability to generate document thumbnails in a Web portal, feed information contained in CAD files into search engines or process high volume printing operations to name a few
  • AutoVue Web Services are reusable, insulated from changes in systems providers
  • Web Services enable IT to optimize process flows with enterprise visualization capabilities as non intrusively as possible
AutoVue VueBeans
VueBeans are Java APIs , which can be used to extend and customize AutoVue functionality to an organization's specific requirements
  • IT departments can leverage these APIs to create new markup entities, automate the creation of stamps or hyperlinks, dynamically watermark for printing, etc.
  • Increasing process automation
  • Reducing human capital expenditures
  • Improving organizational efficiency
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