AutoVue Office

Deliver a Flexible Document Review Platform

Oracle's AutoVue Office delivers native document viewing and digital annotation capabilities for Microsoft Office, PDF, and graphic document types. Users can view, print, review, and collaborate on hundreds of digital documents without requiring the authoring applications. AutoVue Office delivers the foundation for a flexible and secure digital document sharing, review, and approval platform that connects people and information across geographies and business practices.

  • AutoVue Office
  • AutoVue Office
  • AutoVue Office
  • AutoVue Office
Feature Benefit
View Microsoft Office, PDF, and Graphic Document Types without Native Software
  • Provide users with reliable access to documents without requiring original applications or undergoing costly document conversions
  • Simplify IT infrastructure by standardizing all document visualization requirements on a single solution
Digital annotation
  • Expedite document reviews and approvals with in-context digital annotations
  • Capture a reliable audit trail of decisions, proposed changes and approvals with digital annotations
Real time collaboration
  • Facilitate collaboration and expedite issue resolution by enabling document-based real-time collaboration
  • Capture contributors feedback with color-coded digital annotations and chat
Integrate Seamlessly
  • Can be fully integrated with content management systems and enterprise applications like Product Lifecycle Management solutions to render documents and annotations in the proper business context
  • Increase productivity with visual web services for printing, thumbnail generation, text extraction, etc
Augmented Business Visualization
  • Synthesize information coming from multiple sources in a single, visual, and actionable environment
  • Provide complete visibility by dynamically surfacing project and asset information from enterprise systems
  • Trigger actions like the creation of work orders directly from documents
  • Create color-coded visual reports from data in systems to display information like parts information, delivery dates, tasks and activity progress
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