Oracle Click-to-Call Cloud Service

Oracle Click-to-Call Cloud Service turns a traditional telephony service into a smart interactive voice experience. Instead of displaying a telephone number on your Website, a powerful targeting engine proactively engages visitors based on their online behavior and intelligently routes them to the best available agent for personalized assistance. It is ideally suited when interacting with global online shoppers who want to engage over the phone due to sensitive or complicated information, technical problems, or high transaction amount.

Engage Buyers at the Point of Need

Click-to-Call capabilities deliver fast, personal, interactive voice assistance to the right online customers, right when they need it. Because the caller is still on the Website at the time of the call, agents can push relevant Web pages or co-browse the site to help the customer complete forms and transactions.


Oracle's Click To Call solution enables you to increase average sale and reduce shopping cart abandonment. Click To Call helps you:

Control precisely when and where call invitations appear to reduce abandonment, generate leads, lift conversions, or grow transaction values.

Connect callers to the most appropriate sales or service agent based on a wide variety of parameters such as the caller's geographic location, browsing history, or online behavior.

Empower your agents to access relevant insights for cross-sells and upsells. Integrated cobrowse and page push tools allow them to guide visitors along the transaction process or show them specific Web content.


  • Intelligent Behavioral Tracking and Engagement—monitor online visitor behavior and proactively invite customers to speak with a live voice agent only when predefined conditions are met.
  • Intelligent Queuing And Routing—route calls contextually to a specific inbound call center phone number based on a variety of parameters such as the caller's Web page or geographic location, data from the Web session (e.g. shopping cart value), or time of day.; leverage existing telephony systems including automatic call distribution (ACD) systems, reporting, and quality assurance tools.
  • Agent Console for Live Context and Interaction—instantly synchronize voice calls (distributed through ACD systems) with live Web session data such as caller's current Web page, recent browsing history, and customer details.
  • Live Context—dynamically capture and pass the chatter's live context (online behavior, Web pages viewed, products in cart) and match it with live CRM data to shorten and personalize chat interactions, improve sales, and enable actionable reporting and analytics.
  • Customer Portal and Real-Time Reporting Suite—make self-service updates to live click-to-call business rules, buttons, routing numbers, and exit surveys without IT involvement; view management dashboards and visualize real-time impact on site and contact center key performance indicators (KPIs).
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