Oracle Communications IMS Infrastructure

Agile IMS Network Infrastructure for Session Delivery

Allows communications service providers to increase agility, capitalize on the opportunities enabled by IMS and accelerate the deployment of profitable Consumer VoIP, RCS, OTT, and VoLTE services.

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Service Benefit
Web-like agility Dramatically increases IMS agility by streamlining core session management functions and providing nimble scalability through clusters and virtualization
Reduced complexity CSCF, session routing, access, and interconnect functions can be flexibly integrated or separated while leveraging the same underlying architecture and systems management
Field programmability Oracle's Acme Packet OS allows allows rapid, software-based service adjustments for incorporating new infrastructure devices, adding different subscriber end-points, connecting to new networks, and modifying service call-flows without impacting existing subscribers
Scalability Load balancing, the ability to cost-effectively increase node capacity, and the use of virtualization allow service providers to manage capacity, control spikes in demand, and scale infrastructure to drive IMS service profitability
Proven session delivery Infrastructure With SBCs deployed in nearly every Top 100 service provider, Oracle Communications has experience and expertise in providing critical IMS session delivery infrastructure
Virtualize Real-Time Session Delivery Oracle Communications Core Session Manager provides an immediate entry point for network function virtualization of IMS with a complete set of session core functions, including CSCF and BGCF for rapid, agile implementation.
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