Oracle Communications Network Integrity

Inventory Accuracy for Operations and Planning

Employ a single application to discover network configuration information from a variety of network interfaces (NE, EMS, and NMS) to identify and reconcile discrepancies with network inventory systems.

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  • Flexible discovery, assimilation, and reconciliation of network data with inventory systems
  • Productized discovery support for SNMP, TMF814, TL1, CORBA, XML, and ASCII interfaces
  • Sophisticated discrepancy management for automated and GUI-based data reconciliation
  • Highly configurable and extensible using Oracle Communications Design Studio
  • Open application preintegrated with Oracle Communications inventory management solutions
  • Improve decision-making and reduce fallout with accurate inventory data
  • Optimize network investment plans and lower network costs with accurate inventory data
  • Identify and reduce stranded network assets and capacity
  • Resolve network faults faster from accurate inventory data
  • Ensure timely financial compliance with accurate network asset information

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