Oracle Communications Network Resource Management Solution

Lower Network CAPEX, Reduce OPEX, and Simplify Network Transformation

Only Oracle provides a modular, product-based network resource management solution that enables network operators to plan, build, optimize, and transform their communications network.

Stay Connected:
  • Flexible network inventory supports both inventory consolidation and federation
  • Discovery, assimilation, and reconciliation of network data with inventory systems
  • End-to-end visibility of network configurations across multiple inventory systems
  • Intelligent network analytics support agile planning, optimization, and migrations
  • Process management to preview, execute, and audit network and systems changes
  • View end-to-end network configurations with inventory cooperation/consolidation
  • Ensure accurate inventory data through synchronization with the network configuration
  • Identify and redeploy underutilized or stranded network assets and capacity
  • Decrease circuit costs through route optimization and leased line consolidation
  • Simplify network migrations during network transformation and acquisition consolidation
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