Oracle Communications Network Session Monitoring Solution

Real-Time Network Intelligence Solution Increases ROI of VoIP, LTE, and IMS Deployments

Enables service providers to quickly and securely migrate to IP networks, reduce operational costs, increase subscriber and employee satisfaction, prevent voice fraud, and minimize churn.

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Benefits Features
Proactive monitoring
  • Capable of monitoring any VoIP network
  • Agnostic to network equipment
  • Continuous data collection via the use of network probes
  • Real-time data used to identify potential problems to minimize/avoid end user impact
Network optimization
  • Stores real-time service data for extended periods of time
  • Interactive reports enable operations teams to look at service information in multiple ways and better understand network efficiency
Network visibility Focus on providing operational visibility for the following vectors:
  • Subscriber - Insight into user call quality, registration failures.
  • Service - End-to-end call level details.
  • Network - Service impacting parameters such as jitter, packet loss, etc.
  • Resource - Performance/Availability of specific network element internal logical resources
  • Interconnect - Insight into session acceptance, call quality information.
Rapid problem resolution
  • Identifies in real time different call legs of the same call
  • Calls are updated in real time and include the following information:
    • KPIs
    • Call status
    • Call duration
    • Codec used
    • Call audio quality
  • Saves history of calls, registration and other events
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