Oracle Communications Over-the-Top Solution

Real-Time Delivery Of Over-The-Top Communications Services via the Internet

Resolves the Internet-based service delivery challenges of security, service quality, and compliance by controlling borders, managing sessions, and interworking with web services.

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Benefits Descriptions
Practical core session management
  • Lightweight, dynamic core session management with smarter clients instead of an omnipotent core enables scalability
Service quality
  • Client-side technologies leverage WebRTC to overcome packet loss and jitter, and make all traffic look like web traffic
  • Programmable for flexible and rapid changes, and quickly interoperable with any device and network
  • Oracle Communications Session Border Controller normalizes transport protocols, signaling, and media to provide quick and seamless interoperability
Security and compliance
  • Robust, service-intelligent security and out-of-the-box regulatory compliance support
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