Oracle Communications Online Mediation Controller

Unify Operations and Safeguard Revenue Continuity

Adopt a flexible charging infrastructure designed to reduce costs and support a more agile and responsive enterprise.

Stay Connected:
  • Orchestrates charging events across multiple systems
  • Mediates charging events from multiple networks
  • Safeguards charging during planned or unplanned charging system outages
  • Offloads online charging system through charging event aggregation
  • Provides user interaction via SMS and voice
  • Integrated with Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management and Oracle Communications Elastic Charging Engine
    • Unifies charging across multiple network assets
    • Reduces complexity and the number of disparate charging systems
    • Allows network and charging infrastructure to evolve independently
    • Maintains revenue continuity by safeguarding charging events
    • Minimizes online charging system overload through offloading
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