Oracle Communications Messaging Server

Designed to Meet Today’s Communication Challenges

Enables service providers to offer a highly scalable, reliable, and available messaging platform for delivering secure communication services at a low total cost of ownership.

Stay Connected:
  • 64-bit scalable and secure messaging for enterprises and service providers
  • Rich Ajax-based Convergence client that integrates various forms of communications
  • Real-time indexing and search of e-mail content including attachments
  • Built on industry standards such as IMAP4, POP3, SMTP, LMTP, bidirectional SMS, and LEMONADE
  • Extensible platform for unified messaging and advanced mobile messaging
  • High performance and scalability for efficient communications and high-quality service
  • Extensive security features to protect privacy and ensure compliance
  • Multiple client support for anytime, anywhere access
  • Multitenancy and delegated administration for scalability at a reduced cost
  • Large mailboxes to simplify message management
  • Well-documented APIs and standards support to ease integration and extensibility
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