Oracle's Comprehensive Trade Management Solution

Supporting the Full Lifecycle Trade Management Process

Allows analysis, planning, management of trade spend, and a shift from cost management to investment optimization, increasing revenues and margins.

  • Oracle Comprehensive Trade Management
  • Oracle Comprehensive Trade Management
  • Oracle Comprehensive Trade Management
  • Oracle Comprehensive Trade Management
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Benefits Descriptions
Increase trade spend efficiency
  • Post-event promotion ROI analysis provides better visibility into promotion effectiveness, increasing trade spend efficiency
  • Pre-event promotion ROI analysis provides the ability to decide how promotions should be modified to increase sales in the most cost- effective manner
  • Scenario planning allows account managers to move promotions in or out of an account plan, or increase/decrease the frequency of a promotion or to shift the dates of promotions to optimize the volume, revenue, or profitability of an account plan
  • Analyzing cannibalization and halo effects of promotions ensures promotion ROI is calculated base on true lift, rather than pantry loading, cannibalizing other package sizes within the brand, other brands within the portfolio, or the same product being sold at other retailers
Reduce time spent managing trade promotions
  • With Siebel's new automated and streamlined promotion entry and planning capabilities, in less than 90 seconds, an account manager can accurately capture a complex promotion involving a dozen SKU's, promoted over several weeks, requiring hundreds pieces of data to be created
Reduce effort managing trade promotions
  • After the promotion is created, the CTM system automatically predicts the increased sales volume resulting from the chosen promotional tactics, estimates the total cost/liability for the promotion, and increases the forecasted total accrual trade funds and reduces the available trade funds
  • Communicates the promotion's discount to the order capture system, planned ROI to sales management, planned increased sales volume to demand planning, the product distribution change to marketing, the agreed-to in-store promotion support to the retail execution reps, and the available funds positions to finance
  • Predicts the ROI for the promotion from the account manager as well as the retailer's point of view
  • Updates the total estimated sales volumes, trade spend, and planned ROI for account planning
Improve promotion post-event analysis
    • After the promotion is executed, the system automatically calculates actuals and compares vs. planned:
    • Promotion shipped volume
    • Promotion consumption/scanned volume
    • Promotion cost/liability
    • Compliance rate of the promotion (from retail execution audits and ePOS data)
    • ROI
    • Enables claims to be resolved more efficiently
Increase trade spend liability forecasting accuracy
  • Intelligent, Intuitive and flexible promotion management system makes it easy for account managers to enter promotions in an accurate and timely manner
  • Flexible liability reporting system enables trade finance managers to see planned, estimated and actual accrued liabilities instantly
  • Embedded real-time analytics allow account managers to see planned, estimated and actual spend vs. available accrued funds at any given time during the promotion planning, management, and reconciliation process
Increase sales and demand plan forecasting accuracy
  • Coordinated forecasting process between demand planning, brand marketing and sales, where baselines are forecasted by demand planning
  • New product Introduction estimates are provided by brand marketing
  • Incremental volumes and distribution changes are provided by account managers to create a 360 degree view of sales forecasts
Increase promotion compliance at retail
  • Communicating trade promotion plans to the retail execution sales force gives them visibility to what displays should be set up in stores
  • Allows field sales reps to effectively communicate in store conditions to key account managers.
Improve trade collaboration
  • Incorporating ePOS and consumption data into the trade management process enables account managers to create account volume plans in consumption terms rather than shipment terms, which is how retailers want to perform joint business planning
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