Innovation Lifecycle Management Solution

Improving Product Innovation in Consumer Goods

Accelerates and optimizes the product innovation process while minimizing development costs and mitigating the risks of quality compliance and food safety issues.

  • Oracle Product Innovation Management
  • Oracle Product Innovation Management
  • Oracle Product Innovation Management
  • Oracle Product Innovation Management
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Benefits Descriptions
Increases revenue and profitability via accelerated innovation and higher new product success rates
  • Provides visibility into the entire product innovation lifecycle to ensure success
  • Analyzes and optimizes the innovation portfolio and brand mix
  • Enables the business and financial impacts of innovation, alternative cost, revenue, growth and competitor response scenarios
Improves traceability, safety, and compliance with regulatory and retailer requirements
  • Provides specific food industry capabilities for managing variable ingredient attributes
  • Provides formulation optimization
  • Manages ingredient, supplier, product and packaging data, product safety, quality, and compliance
Optimizes allocation of resources with fact-based comparisons across projects
  • Optimize resources across the company's brand portfolio
  • Provides comprehensive management and disseminating of core innovation data both internally and externally
  • Delivers key innovation KPI's and analytics
Increases accuracy across the product innovation lifecycle
  • Eliminates rework and reduces product recalls caused by formulation and labeling errors
  • Manages approval and change control specification processes
Improves innovation across the innovation process
  • Manages the extended innovation process from concept through delivery, execution, and post-launch monitoring
Links research data with consumer, social, and retail data for a more comprehensive analysis of consumer needs
  • Analyzes disparate internal and external data sources to identify relevant innovation insights
  • Combine scientific research, consumer, demographic. media, retail sales, and social media data to develop superior understanding of consumer behavior and needs
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