Oracle CRM On Demand Release 32

Oracle CRM On Demand Release 32 continues to drive home Oracle's commitment to ongoing excellence and innovation, delivering enhanced features and functionality on an agile and fast-paced release track to help accelerate sales and ensure customer productivity and revenue.

This latest Oracle CRM On Demand release provides new features in Usability, Mobile and Extensibility. Each of these areas follows the Oracle Customer Experience Strategy, providing a leading and compelling solution for customers and partners to access critical CRM information quickly and easily, all while using their preferred devices and applications.


A positive user experience leads to increased user adoption and ultimately, a better customer experience for your customers. With Release 32, there are several key enhancements to our User Interface. When creating new records, we introduced a Save & Continue button that allows you to view the newly created record immediately. We also introduced a feature that allows you to refine your lists directly from list pages. Activities can now be configured with email reminders so that you'll never miss an important meeting or task.

From an Administration point of view, we extended the Manage Attachments feature with additional options such as the ability to batch delete attachments and count the number of records in the system. We also extended the Manage Attachment feature to allow you to display and sort by Uncompressed Size so that you can better manage your attachments. We introduced several options that give you more flexibility with Lead records. This includes: allowing users to convert Leads even when they don't have edit rights to all associated Activities, determine whether certain fields are required during lead conversion, and determining whether the Sales Person field should be populated with the Account owner when associating an Account to a Lead record. Opportunities as a related item can now be sorted in several ways including by Opportunity Name, Modified Date, and Created Date in either ascending or descending order. The Targeted Search applet, Advanced Search and Refine List pages can now display or filter against a maximum of 10 fields. When creating Opportunities, Administrators can now determine whether the Close Date field should be defaulted to today's date, or if user's should populate the value.


Oracle continues to enhance and refine our advanced smart phone and tablet applications. Using CRM On Demand's advanced mobile tools, sales representatives can focus on the customer and streamline the sales experience, while having the assurance that critical data is current and consistently synchronized between application and device.

Oracle CRM On Demand Connected Mobile Sales (CMS), licensed separately, provides access to CRM information using native applications for iPhone, and Android devices. New features include: new tap and hold actions for contact lists such as emailing or calling the contact, a new menu bar to access various record types and features including a new Offline Mode where you will have read-only access to Opportunity Lists and Opportunity Detail pages, Turkish support, and the ability to view news feeds for Account records


Oracle CRM On Demand Release 32 continues support for popular browsers such as the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox and Android. Mobile browser support allows continuous access to critical CRM data and helps executives and sales representatives alike manage business imperatives while on the go. Extensibility in the cloud underscores the importance of hosted CRM server code with client-side extensions; this provides a platform for customers to create rich and powerful customizations. Better yet, customers can leverage Oracle infrastructure for inherent security and better performance.


CRM On Demand continues to expand its functionality release after release to adapt to your changing business needs.

Administrators can now configure the Send Email Workflow Action in either plain text or HTML format. The Data Loader now supports the UPSERT command allowing you to execute more efficient commands with the tool.

As with each release, enhancements have been made to improve Web services. We introduced two new Administrative web service to access Field Audit Setup and Sales Category configurations. We also introduced a new web Service 2.0 child container which can be used to extract a parsed and evaluated value of web applet fields and a URL in the context of a parent record. Our JavaScript APIs have also been enhanced. A new getID API for the form object is now available which returns the row ID of the record being viewed. Administrators no longer need to expose the row ID on page layouts to get its value. Furthermore, the JavaScript APIs have been enhanced to support inline editing of fields. Admins can now simulate inline editing in more areas of the application. New attributes in the User Context object of our JavaScript API has been introduced allowing you to obtain more information about the user such as the user ID, the user's country, and much more. The REST API has been extended to now support assessments as children using Describe and CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations against them.

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