Oracle CRM On Demand Release 30

Oracle CRM On Demand Release 30 continues to drive home Oracle's commitment to ongoing excellence and innovation, delivering enhanced features and functionality on an agile and fast-paced release track to help accelerate sales and ensure customer productivity and revenue.

This latest Oracle CRM On Demand release provides new features in Usability, Mobile and Extensibility. Each of these areas follows the Oracle Customer Experience Strategy, providing a leading and compelling solution for customers and partners to access critical CRM information quickly and easily, all while using their preferred devices and applications.


A positive user experience leads to increased user adoption and ultimately, a better customer experience for your customers. With Release 30, there have been several key enhancements to our User Interface. One area of focus was to improve the usability when viewing the details of a record in Tab View. First, Enhanced Tab View allows end users to change the number of records to be displayed directly on the detail page. Users can choose to view a minimum of 5 records up to a maximum of 100 records. Further to this, we now provide users the ability to sort, filter, and page, directly from the tab view eliminating the need to view the full list of records to perform these functions. Second, we introduced a record indicator for Tab View. This will allow users to understand whether a particular tab contains associated records or not. This will prevent end users from unnecessarily clicking a tab only to find out that there are no records associated.

To increase efficiency of CRM On Demand, we introduced the ability to double-click fields in horizontal shuttle windows to easily move the selected field from one window to another. We also introduced a Mass Update button for Opportunity Product Revenues so that updates can be done much faster. On iOS devices, we enabled the Add Attachment button so you can now upload a real-time photo, or a photo from your photo library directly from your iOS device.

For the past few releases, we've been investing and improving on CRM On Demand's calendar. In Release 30, we continue our investment in this area by extending Events so that they are displayed in the calendar when you are the owner of the Event, and when you are a member of the Event Team. We also provided additional customizations in the calendar area such as dedicated color customization fields for the Modern Theme, providing the ability to set the calendar work day and work hours, and choosing whether you want to view the full week or work week within the calendar. Finally, to increase efficiency, we provide a new menu option on Account lists which allows you to mass create appointments for each account record.


Oracle continues to enhance and refine our advanced smart phone and tablet applications. Using CRM On Demand's advanced mobile tools, sales representatives can focus on the customer and streamline the sales experience, while having the assurance that critical data is current and consistently synchronized between application and device.

Oracle CRM On Demand Connected Mobile Sales (CMS), licensed separately, provides access to CRM information using native applications for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices. New features include: dynamic layout support, maps and proximity support, plus image, voice and document support. We also improved searching by allowing you to search in Managed Lists. Finally, you can now qualify, reject, and archive leads directly from your mobile device.


Oracle CRM On Demand Release 30 continues support for popular browsers such as the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox and Android. Mobile browser support allows continuous access to critical CRM data and helps executives and sales representatives alike manage business imperatives while on the go. Extensibility in the cloud underscores the importance of hosted CRM server code with client-side extensions; this provides a platform for customers to create rich and powerful customizations. Better yet, customers can leverage Oracle infrastructure for inherent security and better performance.


CRM On Demand continues to expand its functionality release after release to adapt to your changing business needs. In CRM On Demand Release 30, we introduced a new field type for masking fields. This will allow you to expose a field where one user can see the full value of the field, while others can only see the last four characters.

To improve on the ability to personalize and brand CRM On Demand based on your business, you can now upload custom icons to be used in the global header.

As with each release, enhancements have been made to improve Web services. Release 30 sees enhancements with the workflow rule administrative web service so that you can now perform much more granular record level operations. The Activity type field for all activity children is now exposed via web services 2.0. Exposing this field will allow you to easily distinguish an Appointment from a Task. Also, the custom note field for the contact record type is exposed via web services 2.0.

For Analytics reporting, continuous performance improvements and increased object coverage underscore Oracle's commitment to provide the tools to generate critical business intelligence that help map the path to future initiatives. In Release 30, Analytics real-time reporting has been extended to support custom objects 1 to 25 by including these objects into the Advanced Custom Objects Subject Area. We also exposed more out-of-the-box fields for various records types such as Account, Activity, Opportunity Revenue, Portfolio, Sample Dropped, Sample Transaction, and Usage Tracking in historical and real-time reporting.

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