Oracle CRM On Demand Release 25

Oracle CRM On Demand Release 25 continues to drive home Oracle's commitment to ongoing excellence and innovation, delivering enhanced features and functionality on an agile and fast-paced release track to help accelerate sales and ensure customer productivity and revenue.

This latest Oracle CRM On Demand release provides new features in Social, Extensibility, Mobile, Usability and Industry Innovation. Each of these areas follows the Oracle Customer Experience Strategy, providing a leading and compelling solution for customers and partners to access critical CRM information quickly and easily, all while using their preferred devices and applications.


A positive user experience leads to increased user adoption and ultimately, a better customer experience for your customers. With Release 25, there have been several key enhancements to usability including larger tabs and a new menu icon designed to improve the tablet experience; providing users the ability to reset their tabs to the role default, making it easier to uptake new functionality offered by the administrator; a new context-sensitive list in the lookup windows that will show All Contacts for a Related Account; faster navigation by optionally going directly to a records detail page if the search only returns a single record and displaying Open Activities as two separate applets - Open Tasks and Open Activities - permitting more efficient account planning.


Oracle continues to enhance and refine its advanced smart phone and tablet applications, easing the process of selling, signature capture, modification tracking, and distribution of product materials and samples. Using On Demand's advanced mobile tools, sales representatives can focus on the customer and streamline the sales experience, while having the assurance that critical data is current and consistently synchronized between application and device.

Oracle CRM On Demand Connected Mobile Sales, licensed separately, provides access to CRM information using native applications for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices. New features include Single Sign On and IP Address Restriction, which allow for enhanced secure communications and improved usability.

Oracle CRM On Demand Disconnected Mobile Sales for Tablets (DMS) is a separately licensed native iPad application that complements the existing capabilities that are available in Oracle CRM On Demand's Life Sciences Edition such as signature capture, samples management, allocations and call planning. New features in Release 25 include expanded book synchronization support and enhancements to the HTML 5 based eDetailing including thread bar navigation, display messaging within a plan and broadened message tracking controls.


One of Oracle CRM On Demand's key strategies is to provide enhanced functionality for industry verticals, many of which are applicable to multiple industries. Included in our latest release are enhancements such as Workflow for the Team objects that allow events to be triggered by changes in the team; additional web services for the Portfolio object; and the ability to upload Samples Transactions in Bulk.


Access to key data in CRM On Demand using a familiar application - Microsoft Outlook - ensures access to all CRM information online or offline. Users can manage CRM On Demand appointments, activities, opportunities, and more directly within Outlook, increasing user adoption and decreasing training costs. New features include Book Based Synchronization, Office 2013 support for both 32 bit and 64 bit and a streamlined installation process for languages.


Oracle CRM On Demand Release 25 continues support for popular browsers such as the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox and Android. Mobile browser support allows continuous access to critical CRM data and helps executives and sales representatives alike manage business imperatives while on the go. Extensibility in the cloud underscores the importance of hosted CRM server code with client-side extensions; this provides a platform for customers to create rich and powerful customizations. Better yet, customers can leverage Oracle infrastructure for inherent security and better performance.


Interacting with customers via social channels is rapidly becoming a key strategy to drive customer satisfaction. Oracle CRM On Demand Release 25 has continued our social strategy by completing the second phase of integration to Oracle Social Network for internal deal conversations and document collaboration. Integrated solutions are available for Social Marketing that allow creating a lead from a Social Campaign directly in CRM On Demand, as well as the ability to create a Service Request from a social post tracked via Social Engagement and Monitoring and respond to your customers in the channel they have decided to engage with you.


CRM On Demand continues to expand its functionality release after release to adapt to your changing business needs. Enhancements have been made to improve Web services by adding more coverage to Portfolio, Solution, Lead, User objects and more; extending the audit trail to capture more details web services transactions as well as more specific error messaging to aid with troubleshooting. To improve your ability to add new buttons, or change what existing buttons do, the JavaScript API framework has been enhanced to provide access to those buttons in popup windows.

Release 25 has seen many configuration enhancements including more Optimized Custom Fields; the addition of the POST Method to custom weblinks, the ability to remove long text fields from page layout - or move them to another section; audit trail on changes to Books of Business and a particularly useful feature that allows administrators to push out changes to page layouts to users, rather than asking users to individually edit their page layouts.

For Analytics reporting, continuous performance improvements and increased object coverage underscore Oracle's commitment to provide the tools to generate critical business intelligence that help map the path to future initiatives. In release 25, Custom Dashboard visibility can be driven by Role and we have added Report Printing controls to the report design view, helping to manage print options for your users. Two new subject areas have been added, a Contact:Opportunity relationship that will allow for reporting on all Contacts on an Opportunity or all Opportunities for a Contact, and Solutions which permits analyzing the status and popularity of Solutions used when solving Service Requests for your customers.

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