Oracle CRM On Demand Integration

When done well, strategic integration yields cross-functional visibility and coordination, streamlined tasks, and increased productivity.

To operate more efficiently, you need to integrate all the silos of information in your enterprise, creating an end-to-end, adaptable business process that allows you to overcome the complexities of your application environment and create the capabilities you need to meet business change more quickly. Oracle CRM On Demand can help you do that.

Oracle CRM On Demand is the only solution available on the market that provides Web Services support as well as pre-built integration to Oracle business applications and other applications to fully integrate your extended enterprise with the power of CRM.


  • Use the environments you know
    With Oracle CRM On Demand, you won't have to worry about learning new development environments. Use what you know: Oracle JDeveloper, IBM WebSphere, Microsoft .NET, or BEA WebLogic. With these tools, you can leverage a comprehensive set of XML/SOAP APIs for accessing our business logic and data services to retrieve, modify, create, delete, and synchronize information.
  • Expand your integration capabilities
    Requiring users to update several different applications, all with separate logins, often leads to information gaps or inconsistencies from human error. Oracle's Web Services On Demand API solves the multi-system problem by providing the ability to create seamless, real-time integrations between those multiple systems and Oracle CRM On Demand. Whether back-office integration for sales, marketing, service, or financial information or front-office integration for portals, custom modules, or other Web-based applications, the Oracle CRM On Demand Web Services API gives you the power to tie everything together, ensuring accurate data entry, rapid user adoption and adherence to business policies.
    End users are able to easily obtain holistic, secure views of the customers by using standard, configurable integration technology such as web links, custom tabs, mashups, JavaScript, or RSS feeds. Users have rapid access to contextual data from other systems, and a quick navigation point, giving administrators the ability to integrate without requiring development or IT resources.
  • Leverage sign on just once
    You can choose to be authenticated into Oracle CRM On Demand automatically, once authenticated within your corporate network or portal, without having to enter your log-on credentials a second time. You can get a single identity management system for all applications.
  • Access robust enterprise-grade security
    Protecting your data is of paramount importance to Oracle. To ensure data is protected, Oracle CRM On Demand provides multiple security features such as user authentication and validation, session authentication, various session handling options, IP address filtering, Cross-Site Request Forgery, (CSRF), and Virtual Private Network (VPN) support using a secure encrypted channel."
  • Single vendor Solution
    Create a seamless front- and back-office user experience with prebuilt integrations between Oracle CRM On Demand and Siebel CRM, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne—and even third-party applications like Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes—to drastically increase your sales organization's performance, adoption, and information access. Your company can leverage these prebuilt solutions to connect mission-critical enterprise applications at the data, business process, and user interface levels and provide out-of-the-box support for key business flows such as Opportunity-to-Quote and Lead-to-Order—all with a consistent user interface experience. And, because these integrations are based on Oracle's standards-based Application Integration Architecture and Oracle Fusion Middleware, you can easily extend these integrations to meet the unique and evolving requirements of your organization.


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