Oracle CRM On Demand Release 19

Demonstrating Oracle’s commitment to ongoing innovation by consistently delivering new value to sales representatives on their own fast-paced timetable, Oracle CRM On Demand Release 19 introduces industry-leading capabilities designed to drive revenue, save time, reduce costs, improve the customer experience, and realize unrivalled business value. Oracle CRM On Demand Release 19 provides powerful new collaboration, cloud extensibility, industry-specific, and mobile capabilities, including the personalized ability for customers and partners to access critical CRM information in the way that is easiest, from iPad to Blackberry to Outlook. Learn more about other great capabilities of Oracle CRM On Demand.


Oracle introduces a new, advanced smartphone application for customer-facing selling. Ubiquitous access removes the update burden for sales representatives and ensures data is consistent, helping them focus on selling, rather than wasting precious time making manual updates.


Only Oracle offers a wide range of deep industry-specific editions. Oracle CRM On Demand Release 19 delivers enhanced industry functionality for life sciences, insurance, financial services, and automotive. New life sciences functionality includes Life Sciences Offline Client extensibility, Mass Creation of Planned Calls, Enhanced PCD assessments, and the ability to customize and extend Account to Contact Relationships. New automotive functionality includes Vehicle enhancements, Dealer Addresses, and improved Historical Analytics. New insurance capabilities include Policy origination support, Policy Object Enhancements, and Financial Plans and Financial Accounts enhancements.


Enhanced ease-of-use is provided by a new, rich Outlook user interface that enables access to all information in a familiar application, online or offline. Users can manage appointments, activities, opportunities and more directly within Outlook, thus increasing user adoption and decreasing training costs.


New extensibility in the cloud features hosted CRM server code with client-side extensions, providing a platform for customers to create rich and powerful customizations. Better yet, leverage Oracle infrastructure for inherited security and better performance.

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