Oracle CRM On Demand Service

In today's competitive market, customer expectations for superior service have never been higher. Oracle's CRM On Demand Service solution enables organizations to provide quick, accurate, and consistent service to their customers, driving both increased customer satisfaction and organizational profitability. CRM OnDemand Service brings together all of the critical elements of a comprehensive service management solution that are needed to handle simple questions or manage a complex issue. With CRM On Demand Service, agents have clear visibility into the information that is required to ensure customer issues are resolved to satisfaction.


  • Allow customers to interact with your service organization using any channel they wish including IVR, voice, and e-mail
  • Enable agents to quickly and accurately find the right answer the first time
  • Monitor customer satisfaction and provide valuable feedback for agent performance management
  • Monitor organizational efficiency and maintain continual process improvement


  • Air System Components: Reduced outstanding service requests and ensured resolution within target times
  • Bloomnet: Optimized company resources by providing increased visibility into customer service trends
  • DIRECTV: Created centers of excellence accelerating call resolution
  • Georgia Perimeter: Achieved a 94% call rate, averaging 0.84 days to close tickets
  • Siemens Information Services: Increased employee productivity by 20% with integration to MS Outlook
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