Oracle Crystal Ball Suite

Complete package for uncertainty management

Oracle’s Crystal Ball product family is the complete spreadsheet-based application for Monte Carlo simulation, forecasting and optimization. Crystal Ball Suite combines Crystal Ball and Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer into a complete package for your uncertainty management and risk analysis needs.

  • Oracle Crystal Ball Suite
  • Oracle Crystal Ball Suite
  • Oracle Crystal Ball Suite
  • Oracle Crystal Ball Suite
Feature Benefit
Combined simulation forecasting and optimization
  • Determine the best business results while accounting for uncertainty
Monte Carlo simulation
  • Quickly assign ranges of values to your inputs then forecast outputs and their probabilities
  • Analyze historical data with time-series forecasting and regression
Sensitivity analysis
  • Determine which inputs most drive risk and mitigate your risks
Extreme Speed
  • Run simulations and optimizations at faster speeds and arrive at results far more quickly
Output charts and tables
  • Effectively display and communicate your risk analysis results.
  • Comprehensive set of example models
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