Feature Benefit
Documaker Interactive
  • Rules-based configurability, content library and embedded workflow accelerate collaboration when creating correspondence
Documaker Document Factory
  • Dashboards, analytics, reporting and administrative console improves visibility and control of document production
  • Improves efficiency and resource management through better insight into document production costs and processes
Microsoft Word® Add-In
  • Enables easy creation of documents using familiar authoring software
  • Empowers business users to create and customize content faster, minimizing reliance on IT
Documaker Design Studio
  • Provides a user-friendly design tool for the creation of document templates and much more
Powerful recipient handling
  • Enables one-to-one and one-to-many delivery options
Conversion tools
  • Eases migration from legacy systems, while helping preserve the data and logic of your documents
Multi channel delivery
  • Rapid delivery of content in your customers' preferred output methods, including 14 print streams along with SMS, HTML, PDF, RTF and much more
Adaptable publishing processes
  • Quickly create and assemble compliant documents in structured, interactive and on-demand formats for delivery with batch, near-real time or real time delivery
Integration with Oracle WebCenter Content (formerly Oracle Universal Content Management) and/or legacy enterprise content management solutions
  • Helps ensure complete document lifecycle management
  • Shortens future document preparation by reusing electronically captured and stored data
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