Price Protection

Oracle Price-Protection enables manufacturers and distributors across industries to automate and control the multiple business processes necessary to create and execute a price protection transaction with updates to Oracle Inventory, Oracle Purchasing, Oracle Cost Management and Oracle Financials to ensure an accurate, automated and seamless execution of processes necessary for a price protection agreement.


  • Improve Profitability Through Automation
    Oracle Price Protection enables and facilitates the orchestration and automation for the execution of back office transactions when price changes are received from suppliers.
  • Improve Accuracy in Inventory Calculation
    Oracle Price Protection automatically retrieves real time inventory quantities based on the effective time period provided in the price protection agreement in real time and provides comprehensive insight into inventory details.
  • Improve Margins, Efficiency and Reduce Claim Processing Costs
    Oracle Price Protection automates creation of claims and pre-approval significantly improves productivity, reduces processing cost and results in prompt settlement.
  • Improve Productivity with Automated Execution, Communication and Tracking
    Oracle Price Protection automates updates to purchasing, costing, inventory and also provides notifications on any outbound price lists and promotions that could be impacted.
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