Supplier Ship and Debit

Oracle Supplier Ship and Debit enables distributors across industries to more efficiently respond to changing market conditions by automating special price requests to suppliers. Distributors can close more sales thus increasing profitability through this closed-loop solution. Oracle Supplier Ship and Debit also reduces the cost of managing special pricing agreements and automates the execution and claims processes.


  • Maximize Profitability with End to End Automation
    Oracle Supplier Ship and Debit enables distributors to effectively establish pricing agreements with suppliers that allows the distributor to sell products to customers at a lower price and still maintain an acceptable profit margin.
  • Simplify Business via Online Collaboration
    Oracle Supplier Ship and Debit provides simple tools that help distributors to execute, manage and maintain special pricing agreements in a proactive manner.
  • Enable Real Time Vendor Rebate Tracking
    A robust accrual engine integrates with Oracle Order Management to capture the sales order data and subsequently report it back into Oracle Supplier Ship and Debit. Real time supply chain integrations provide for accurate vendor balance tracking and compliant accounting practices.
  • Streamline Claim Processing
    Oracle Supplier Ship and Debit streamlines claim processing to allow distributors to rapidly close out claims reducing the workload on personnel.
  • Enhance Productivity through Robust Dispute Management
    Oracle Supplier Ship and Debit provides access to real time accrual and shipment data so distributors can collaborate more effectively with suppliers resulting in improved efficiency and faster payments.
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