Oracle Lease and Finance Management

Oracle Lease and Finance Management provides end-to-end automation and a foundation for growth of your lease and loan portfolio. Designed for asset-based finance companies, Oracle Lease and Finance Management is a comprehensive application that leverages the power of the Oracle E-Business Suite to help equipment financiers increase revenues through using IT as a strategic differentiator, enabling them to implement and accomplish strategies to:

  • Expand business in existing and new markets
  • Focus on business relationships with customers, vendors and investors
  • Manage risk-based returns
  • Improve asset management capabilities


Uniquely enables you to: Via these capabilities:
Standardize and Control Global Financing Processes
  • Author contracts efficiently to reduce errors at activation and minimize clerical effort in downstream processes.
  • Manage multiple assets within a single contract and manage transactions at the asset-level for better control of your operations.
  • Configure rules-based restructuring and termination to minimize manual calculations and process intervention while enforcing standards.
  • Integrate lease systems with general ledger accounting to generate journal entries and accounting automatically.
Drive Portfolio Growth in New and Existing Markets
  • Bundle your products and services to increase potential revenue per customer with peripheral offerings.
  • Configure financial products to offer your customers a wide range of lease and loan options.
  • Adapt your accounting globally to support the pursuit of new business opportunities in any country.
Strengthen Business Partner Relationships
  • Capture data in one location to view all business partner information from a single record.
  • Configure billing and collections to deliver bills based on customer requirements or circumstances.
  • Provide self-service to customers and vendors to lower operating costs while improving business relationships.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with easy account access and control with web-based customer self-service while enforcing your business rules and reducing cost.
  • Utilize web-based vendor self-service to enable vendors to shorten service times for their customers.
  • Integrate customer contracts and investor agreements to ensure timely, accurate management of contracts sold to investors.
Control Credit, Operational & Statutory Risks
  • Diversify risk with syndication and securitization partners to limit exposure to industry uncertainty and eroding assets values while generating fee income.
  • Maintain adequate asset insurance to protect against unforeseen adverse events to assets.
  • Manage sales and property tax to minimize compliance risk.
  • Share risks with vendors to limit exposure from vendor-originated deals.