Oracle Payroll

Payroll Management is a fundamental business requirement demanding compliant and accurate financial controls in a timely manner. Oracle Payroll, a rules-based payroll management system, will assist in controlling the workforce costs; ensure the entire workforce is being paid on time and according to your compensation rules. Fully integrated with Oracle Financials, Oracle Payroll is based on a global HRMS engine with country-specific localization extensions to better manage your global HR operations.

Integrate and Streamline Your HR Processes
Oracle Payroll is part of Oracle Human Resources Management family of applications, and integrates seamlessly with other Human Resources applications, including Human Resources (core), Advanced Benefits, Incentive Compensation, and Oracle Financials.


Flexible Eligibility Rules

  • Define comprehensive eligibility rules that link user-defined criteria.
  • Define standard rules for automatically assigning and changing employee compensation and benefits.
  • Minimize workforce inquiries by providing near real time remuneration data and history.

Simplify Management of Processing Rules

  • Utilize simple, configurable formulas
  • Control your unique processing rules and calculations using FastFormula
  • Use conditional logic for more complex cases
  • Streamline administrative processes
  • Reduce set-up costs and processing time & errors

Manage Global Payroll Activities

  • Manage global compensation with one application
  • Implement Oracle Payroll's core payroll engine, by adding local extensions to attain the legislative functionality and country reporting requirements
  • Organization-wide control of workforce payroll and compensation data
  • Configure and manage personalized compensation policies and programs with one global payroll engine

Processing Efficiencies

  • Monitor payroll processes end-to-end
  • Reconcile errors while maintaining current calculations
  • Simultaneous processing of multiple groups of employees
  • Reduce administrative costs with online paperless payslips

Monitor Performance and Security

  • Standard and personalized reports are utilized to view and analyze your payroll data
  • Configurable security for unique access
  • Maintain audit logs of changes