Oracle Self-Service Human Resources

Oracle Self-Service Human Resources (HR) allows your workforce to update and use employee-specific information, online via a browser, that is personalized to an individual's role, experience, work content, language, and information needs. By allowing managers and employees to access and manage information and transactions in a paperless environment, you can streamline business processes, decrease costs, and improve service. With managers and employees empowered to update and maintain their own information, HR professionals can now move from being transaction processors to being consultative partners.

Integrate and Streamline Your HR Processes
Oracle Self-Service HR is part of Oracle Human Resources Management family of applications, and integrates seamlessly with other Human Resources applications, including Human Resources (core), HR Intelligence, Learning Management, Performance Management and Compensation Workbench.


  • Work from a Single Source of Truth
    Increase accuracy and timeliness by providing both managers and employees a single point of entry to all your HR information and processes. Deliver workforce intelligence to those who need it-managers, HR professionals and executives. Use embedded on-line advice to reduce errors.
  • Drive Employee Self-Service
    Enable employees to manage everything from profiles-including skills, resumes, contact details, and bank data-to learning, benefits, payroll, and more, through self-service portals. Increase worker productivity. Authorize employees to maintain their own information, including personal profiles, benefits, expenses, and more, in their own language.
  • Empower Managers
    Enable managers to perform transfers, re-grading, employee training enrollment, terminations, skills searches, and more. Manage the recruiting process.
  • Support Career Development
    Provide employee access to targeted training and job opportunities. Enable managers to graphically search for suitably skilled individuals or groups and then match them to work or learning opportunities. Enroll in benefits and training courses.
  • Speed Processes with Workflow
    Route information of any type according to user-defined business rules. Deliver reports, status messages, and approval requests to approvers in sequence via workflow. Streamline processes, remove bottlenecks, and reduce administrative costs. Integrate approvals with workflow. Identify employee- and manager-specific functionality. Support large numbers of transactions, including legislative processes.