Learning Management

Oracle Learning Management (OLM) is the best way for Oracle E-Business Suite customers to:

  • Improve workforce performance
  • Ensure partner channel sales and service readiness
  • Increase revenue through training product sales to customers

OLM is an enterprise learning management system (LMS) that lets organizations manage, deliver, and track training participation in online or classroom-based environments. Learners can find the learning they need, and take the learning in the most appropriate delivery mode (in a classroom, in a virtual classroom, or elearning). Managers can automate key business flows - from order processing to training delivery; from performance appraisals to training assessments - and keep tabs on their team's learning and development. Instructors can manage their own schedules, classes, and rosters. Executives can measure the effectiveness of learning activities and ensure alignment with organizational objectives. Learning Administrators can efficiently manage all the catalog objects, learners, and related resources from a centralized system. In sum, turn learning into a business advantage with Oracle Learning Management.

Integrate and Streamline Your HR and Talent Management Processes
Oracle Learning Management is part of the Oracle Human Resources family of applications, and integrates seamlessly with Oracle E-Business Suite and other Human Resources applications, including Human Resources (core), Self-Service HR, and Collaboration Suite.


Develop Your Workforce

  • Leverage a common, reusable framework for describing learning objectives. Define competencies attained by learner. Automatically update competency profiles. Create learning paths and certifications to guide and manage your workforce learning and development.

Tie Training to Organizational Goals

  • Measure the effectiveness of training initiatives.

Reduce Costs through Online Learning Delivery

  • Gain a content player that delivers any web-accessible content. Deploy content to a global learning community. Collaborate via forums, chats, and web conferencing.

Simplify Administration through a Unified Catalog

  • Create a single catalog for all online, offline, synchronous, and asynchronous learning. Support blended learning. Enable administrators to see the entities they create and directly edit their properties.

Increase Efficiency by Managing Learning Content

  • Assemble and deliver learning content rapidly Enable the reuse and assembly of learning content that makes use of mixed media and multiple learning modalities. Deliver the optimal blend of classroom and online training.

Extend Solution Value by Providing Learning to Customers and Partners

  • Provide self-service access to learning for customers and partners. Retain one-stop administration. Automate catalog distribution and enrollment.

Simplify Administration by Efficiently Scheduling and Managing Resources

  • Place the right resources and equipment in the right locations. Define learning event needs only once. Ensure instructors possess the necessary competencies and experience. Consolidate training initiatives on a scalable, cost effective LMS.